Full Day Osaka Cycle Tour

Our full day Osaka cycle tour is designed for those with less time and more energy! Starting in the narrow alleyways of the funky Fukushima neighborhood, we head east past the European style buildings of Nakanoshima and on to the Japan Mint. From here it is over to Osaka Castle for a dose of old Japan before heading south for lunch (provided). Lunch itself can depend on where is open as well as the weather! It could be bento boxes in the park, noodle stands in the backstreets or sit down sushi, we discuss this on the day but if you have special dietary needs, feel free to shoot us an email to let us know.

After lunch, we head through Japan’s oldest Buddhist Temple and past its tallest building. We then enter the legendary Shin-Sekai neighborhood (for more food?). Finally, we head home via the Namba Yasaka Shrine and beautiful Utsubo Park. Please check out the pictures above to get a better idea of our Osaka cycle tours and book online using the big red button.